About Me

This blog will have virtually NOTHING to do with the below information.

Located in the Northern Bay Area, I started as a bass player in 2001 with the Petaluma band “G is US.” Shortly thereafter, I started composing my own music using computer programs as well as childhood toys. Soon I joined the Sacramento based “Vyncent Flaw” in late 2004 where I rekindled a friendship with electro/hip hop artist Richee from Switchee whom I joined up with in early 2005 to record “In The Scene” EP under the moniker “We Are The Scene.” In late 2005 I tried my hand again at a solo album, and thus “Got My Ghetto Blaster” was born. Later in 2005 I worked with “New Years Revolution,” a side project of “G is US” front man Spookyboy. The later half of 2006 brought the introduction of “Snip Snip Sweetheart” (formerly Izey Lump) with my “wifey” Pricilla Ritty, as well as the begining of a partnership with Right Brain Rebels.


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